Metablog: Star Simpson nearly doubles my readership for all time…

File it under ‘toiling in obscurity’ and ‘self deprecation’ but my post on Star Simpson got sixty hits.  Compare that to the total all time hits on the bottom right of the page (140 when I started this metablog post.)   I am not particulary seeking attention in blogging.  For me blogging is a little like venting, a little like trying to tip the balance, an exercise in daily writing, and a lot like screaming in space.  Nice that this time someone heard the scream. 

 I was angered by the way Boston’s Powers That Be over-reacted to Star’s ill-conceived art project.  I find LED’s in public spaces unthreatening. For people who are terrified of tiny electric lights I feel truly sorry.  It was, however, the ugly, cowardly, despicable ‘shoot first and question after’ response from the right wing neo-con facist blogmill that decided me to post, in spite of the fact that I don’t generally feel much sympathy for stupid people.  As I said in my response to the one comment on my Star-post, if stupidity was a crime punishable by SWAT-gestapo shooting then a whole lot of bloggers (and the entire current administration as well as both houses of congress) would probably be going to the wall.

WE MUST NOT BE RULED BY FEAR, lest we lose what it means to be America, land of the Constitution, home of liberty, prosperity and a great experiment in truth.  To the blog community I say, Man up and stop advocating the shooting of stupid children for fear of a statistically insignificent danger.


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