Political lottery or I should have known better

Brad posted this on the LL2 yahoo list; http://digg. com/politics/ Ron_Paul_ Roundtable.   I can’t say that there was anything new in it that we haven’t been over here.  Though the economic argument, that the money would be better spent on agorist causes, is an interesting one.  More profit/benefit in it for the spender.  Although I’m not sure what Brad meant by agorist causes, maybe agorist educational efforts (like his).  Countereconomic efforts ought to support themselves. But I digress.

For me the RP thing crystilized this morning.  Education and other non political efforts (though I believe political efforts can have educational benefits) are like buying a product or investing.  Political efforts are like the lottery.  As a person who never throws money away on a lottery I should have known better than to get caught up in the RP maelstrom.  The true benefits to the RP campaign will all be in their educational value.

After todays disappointment there are going to be a lot of disheartened, even angry RP supporters.  I hope you non political types take some time today to win as many of them over to your side as you can.  Sometimes someone wins the lottery, but statistically almost everyone loses.  Poor people, desperate people, buy tickets anyway.  We are poor in liberty, desperate for a chance to win it.  Magical thinking.  Today reminded me that those dollars would be better saved, spent, invested.  Burned.  Rather I gave them to the state.  The analogy holds there too.  Stupid.  I realize this today.

Some folks won’t realize it.  Take a few minutes today to talk to a ticket buyer.  Talk about better ways to waste that dollar rather than on the political lottery.  Tell them about the Liberty Scholarship Fund, The Libertarian Enterprise, or whatever, a lot of liberty projects out there.  Talk them up.  Today.  Before people wast more money on tickets.


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