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The Slightly Less Offensive Fascist Party, FKA The Party of Principal

I got an email from the LP today talking about the results of this year’s convention.  I’m saddened by the presidential ticket, disgusted by the gutted platform, and dismayed at what having a party has done to the movement.

Self identified libertarians are becoming less libertarian.  I believe this is, in no small part, caused by the political compromises vocal party members have tried to make over the years in failed attempts to win politically.

I’m convinced that liberty must be won culturally, socially, and personally.  It’s one thing to support Ron Paul as a liberty opposition candidate in a fascist party.  It is another thing entirely to associate the Party formerly known as “The Party of Principle”  with Fascist candidates.  The first is a successful tactic in  a cultural battle for the zeitgeist.  The second if a doomed-to-failure, ass-backword technique at best, and a terrible betrayal at best.  This year I won’t be voting for a president.  It’ll only encourage them.    I will mourn the passing of the Libertarian Party.  And hope these goobs choose a more accurate name, like SLOF, or the Tennis shoe on your neck Party.

I sent them this email in response to their Plea for Cash:

Take me off your list.  I'm no longer interested in
associating with a party willing to select non
libertarians as candidates.  Libertarianism is about
liberty, it has a guiding moral Principal in ZAP. 
Since you've chosen to stray from the principal I'll
stray from the party.  Hopfully you'll choose a new
name soon, like the Slightly Less Offensive Facists.

In short:


Thoughtmerchant offers criticism of Ron Paul as a candidate for black americans.

 Thoughtmerchant blogged about how Ron Paul is not the candidate for black americans.  A rowdy converstion ensued and one respondant, ebogjonson, seems to think all ‘Paulites’ are folks ignorant of race relations and cultists in RP’s “unpersonality.” 

I beg to differ. 

Speaking only for myself I would have to say it is a difference, not in knowledge of history but of  worldview.  We ‘paulites’ tend to believe that all individuals benefit from liberty, and even the beneficiaries of the state’s ‘largess’ are victims of that state as well. Find my response below.

ebog,“The fact is that Ron Paul supporters don’t give a flying a fuck about the health of the black community.”  I personally beg to differ.  As a wary Ron Paul supporter I have to say that a great number of RP supporters do care about the black community.  Please don’t paint us all with the same brush.  Any community has its trolls.  The more conscientious among us are concerned about all our communities but my concern for black americans (not black america, I hate the collectivization of individuals in that term) is part of what leads me to support Dr. Paul.  He is the only candidate who would end the War on Drugs that, in addition to being an unnecessary and colossal failure, has disproportionately and disastrously effected black Americans.He is the only candidate who opposes ‘anti-gang,’ which we all know are just euphemistically clothed anti black, gun laws.He is the only candidate who would end the foreign policy that has led to the current imperial wars abroad where our, again disproportionately minority, soldiers are dying.He is the only candidate who will end the war swiftly, without equivocation, without starting new ones in Pakistan or Syria or Iran or Africa or the Baltics.He is the only one who wants to end a tax system where anyone with a clever lawyer can pay less than your average working family.You know what else, ebog?  You seem pretty fond of rhetoric yourself.  I ask you, did congress give anything in the Civil Rights act that blacks had not already won for themselves?  You wouldn’t be sitting in the back of the bus now.  Rosa Parks and the Montgomery church leaders won your seat on the bus through direct action.  It was the courage of civil right leaders, their courage and humanity, that did the most to end racism and segregation in this country.  Don’t rob them of the accomplishment by attributing so much to the actions of reluctant and halfhearted congresscritters.  It is the continued hard work, talent and interconnectedness of brave and good People that will erase racism for all time.   Don’t let yourself be fooled.  The government hasn’t improved the situation. In spite of integration we have a public school system, especially in urban areas, more segregated than ever.  We have a failing education system that delivers less learning to black children.We have a criminal justice system obviously biased against blacks.And your solution is to criticize the one candidate who is not offering more of the same failed state?  I think you might be a little rhetoric over substance.


The Presidential Race I hope to see…

Over at The Van Der Galiën Gazette Michael compares the Ron Paul revolution to Guerrilla warfare.  I don’t disagree precisely, the internet is the asymmetrical warriors dream, but I prefer to think of the RP revolution as more like American Minutemen picking of Redcoats at Lexington and Concord. 

Michael is down on Paul’s chances.  Most of the time I am too, at least in the dark parts of my brain, unlit by optimism (it’s a dank and scary place.) But  I think that comparing RP fund-raising to Clinton/Obama is not really comparing apples to apples. 

The republican field is much wider at present than the Democratic field.   Hillary and Barak have always been THE democratic front-runners.  It’s always been a two candidate race for the Blue contingent, IMO. (I started writing that it was a two man race, but my feminist side corrected me)

When the Republican race narrows more (and I’m predicting a long over due knockdown-dragout brawl between neocons and old style social and fiscal conservatives)  I think the fund-raising numbers will be more informative.  I think it may well come down to a Rudy/Ron Paul, Hillary/Barak set of primaries.

I hope to live in the America where Ron Paul and Barak Obama face off with a green and an independent in the Presidential debates.   I think that would be a race of honest differences about what is best for America.

I’m afraid we live in an America where two candidates from New York will be arguing over whose particular brand of fear should ruin the Republic.  That would be a race more about whose rhetoric will determine which insider is elected to fill eight more years with policies (social, fiscal and ‘diplomatic’) nigh on indistinguishable from the last eight.

That would be a very ugly America.


Geeks beware…Homeland insecurity is terrified of LED’s

Geeks beware!  Don’t wear LED’s to Boston. Police there are ready to use deadly force to prevent ugly ass art.  File this under absurd overreactions, paranoid stupidity, and moral cowardice.  Are we really prepared to gun down coeds based on the fear of something (terrorism) statistically less perilous than automobiles?

 I’m just glad Star wasn’t harmed. One more reason to not fear terrorism.  The consequences of fear seem far worse to me than the consequences of terroism.


Iraq whistleblowers buried by iron triangle…

Whistleblowers are a brave lot who are supposed to be protected.  Apparently our government doesn’t think that should apply in Iraq.

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