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Wedding Singer is a mediocre play.

We went to see The Wedding Singer and part of our Broadway across America series at the Hippodrome theatre.   I was not incredibly keen on this show, but I did like the movie so I was anticipating an amusing evening.  Sadly the things that made the movie fun, nostalgic 80’s music, Adam Sandler’s comedic gold, and a sympathetic cute female lead are all absent from the stage production.

The lead played Adam Sandler’s part like a cold fish for the first quarter of the play.  Eli’s rule one for line delivery: don’t sound like your delivering a line.  Put that fellow in a paper bag and maybe he can act his way out of it by the second act.
Further, somewhat more forgivably, the opening night tech on this show was awful.  I hope the sound crew is thoroughly flogged for this, but microphones were often turned on late or not at all, and sound levels made huge parts of the sappy pop music (not even sappy eighties pop parody music) drown out what might have been witty or fun lyrics.

Also, sadly, this show brought out the nekulturny in droves.  Four ringing cellphones a horde of college aged Will and Grace pairs who pushed past us to try and steal better seats as the curtain rose (only to be turned back by angry ushers and made to wander aimlessly through the theatre to find a seat) and a standing ovation for a show that barely merited applause.

On the bright side, while the idiots were standing and cheering and drooling we managed to sneak to the parking lot and beat the traffic.

:End annoyingly snobbish elitist rant: