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Geeks beware…Homeland insecurity is terrified of LED’s

Geeks beware!  Don’t wear LED’s to Boston. Police there are ready to use deadly force to prevent ugly ass art.  File this under absurd overreactions, paranoid stupidity, and moral cowardice.  Are we really prepared to gun down coeds based on the fear of something (terrorism) statistically less perilous than automobiles?

 I’m just glad Star wasn’t harmed. One more reason to not fear terrorism.  The consequences of fear seem far worse to me than the consequences of terroism.


Nightowlism caused by gadgets? :-PPP

Okay here’s the article:

Here’s a Quote:

 “As we have more and more ways to stay connected at night, we’ve seen an exaggeration of the night-owlism in teenagers.”

And my take:

As a night owl myself, especially as a teenager I think this assessment is total bollocks.  I didn’t require gadgets to keep me up all night.  Simple teenage anxiety did it perfectly well.  I didn’t need an IPod as my companion either, I had a whole library and a booklight. 

In fairness I haven’t read the study behind this bad science reporting.  Methinks, however, I smell high quality Luddite bologna.