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Political lottery or I should have known better

Brad posted this on the LL2 yahoo list; http://digg. com/politics/ Ron_Paul_ Roundtable.   I can’t say that there was anything new in it that we haven’t been over here.  Though the economic argument, that the money would be better spent on agorist causes, is an interesting one.  More profit/benefit in it for the spender.  Although I’m not sure what Brad meant by agorist causes, maybe agorist educational efforts (like his).  Countereconomic efforts ought to support themselves. But I digress.

For me the RP thing crystilized this morning.  Education and other non political efforts (though I believe political efforts can have educational benefits) are like buying a product or investing.  Political efforts are like the lottery.  As a person who never throws money away on a lottery I should have known better than to get caught up in the RP maelstrom.  The true benefits to the RP campaign will all be in their educational value.

After todays disappointment there are going to be a lot of disheartened, even angry RP supporters.  I hope you non political types take some time today to win as many of them over to your side as you can.  Sometimes someone wins the lottery, but statistically almost everyone loses.  Poor people, desperate people, buy tickets anyway.  We are poor in liberty, desperate for a chance to win it.  Magical thinking.  Today reminded me that those dollars would be better saved, spent, invested.  Burned.  Rather I gave them to the state.  The analogy holds there too.  Stupid.  I realize this today.

Some folks won’t realize it.  Take a few minutes today to talk to a ticket buyer.  Talk about better ways to waste that dollar rather than on the political lottery.  Tell them about the Liberty Scholarship Fund, The Libertarian Enterprise, or whatever, a lot of liberty projects out there.  Talk them up.  Today.  Before people wast more money on tickets.


Civil unrest is participating in “Give 1, Get 1”

Information is what changes the world.  From oral tradition to cuneiform to WordPress, information has always been what changed the world.  The one child one laptop program is trying to change the third world with information.  We have decided to help, and get Molly a nifty tool in the process.   If her Daddy let’s her use it.  All politics and polemic aside,  if bloggers want to change the world getting behind Negroponte is one thing that can do it.   Not corny food aid.  Not medical assistance.  Access to computing power and information.  I challenge bloggers to Give 1, Get 1 and then use it to spread the word, develop content, change the world however you can.


Recounting the Birth of Micah Everett Strehlen Senter

St. Agnes Hospital. November 6, 2007

0633 Paige eats an egg and cheese biscuit (last time she didn’t eat breakfast and as a result went 24 hours without eating

0645 Checked into the hospital.

0715 Dr Pataki used creepy crochet hook to break Paige’s water. Amniotic fluid ‘tinged’. Paige is glad we decided not to wait another week. Doc says she is 4cm dialated. Yay, that took 4 hours with Molly.

0733 Patocin delivered, and the fun begins…. after the annoying beeping IV delivery device stopped its raquet. Our nurse’s name is Raji

0900 Paige asked to sit up and for some ice chips

0919 Paige is two minutes between peaks on the contraction monitor

Mommy, Molly and Micah

0955 6cm and +1 station Paige took a trip to the bathroom and moved to the exercise ball. Problems with the monitor Paige moves back to be


1025 Paige decides she has to push. Raji calls for Doctor Cox, the staff obstetrician. Dr. Patiki is still 20 minutes away. When Dr. Cox arrives, time indeterminate, Micah is crowning.

1033 Paige delivers Micah after the third push. Doctor Cox catches. Came out crying like a leopard. Really the child sounds like a wildcat. Turns red as a beat too.

Big Sister

Doctor Pataki arrives four minutes later at 1037. A valiant attempt, but in vain. Micah scores 9 and 9 on his APGAR, danged purple feet.

1100 Micah gets to cuddle with Mommy!

11:13 Micah’s first feeding. Latches right on this kid is a natural.

Fight like a man!


Ubercool Nerd God…
Ubercool Nerd God says I’m an Uber Cool Nerd God. 

 Yep, that’s me. <wry grin>


I don’t know where this came from….

…but it is pretty effing brilliant.  Hat tip to Freedom Shenanigans.


Does Islam need a thirty-years war?

Would the world be better off if the US ‘lost,’ whatever that means, the war in Iraq?  The real question, it seems to me, is whether world would be better of with a huge regional war in the middle east?  The simple economic answer is obviously not.  But are there other answers?  Christian learned freedom of conscience, however roughly, in thirty years of war between Catholics and Protestants.  Thirty years before Christians figured out that killing each other over denominational differences was effing stupid.  Now as I look at denominational strife in Iraq, I wonder if religious tolerance, like democracy, is something that can’t be handed over but something that must be learned as hard fought truth.  Does Islam need its own 30 years war?  Would some ‘good’ come out of ‘losing’ this war?


Kevin Sullivan to eat shoe if Ron Paul wins nomination.

Thanks, Kevin for keeping things light. Whe RP wins I volunteer my gym shoes. ;-)

Kevin Sullivan“If Ron Paul gets the nomination, I will eat a shoe. You can hold me to it! Video and everything.”