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Further adventures in dealing with corporate ‘customer service’

I recently purchased a quickfire from Portables in Marley Station Mall, Glen Burnie MD.  Not only does the phone suck (touch screen you have to positively pound on, zero functionality in the Calls list, and crummy transitions between the keyboard and screen only modes) but work recently offered to cover a data plan, so I wanted to upgrade to a blackberry bold.  Swell, right?  You’d think these geniuses would want the upsell, but no, not really.  The jerk at the counter when I came in to talk about an exchange was…how can I say this nicely… not customer service oriented.  First he told me that if I didn’t have the box (which had to be cut apart to send the damn UPC for the rebate) he would have to charge me $25.  And If I didn’t have the charger he’d have to charge me $25.  If I didn’t have the manual her’d have to charge me $25.  Brilliant.  $25 for a cutup cardboard box with no remaining function.

And the charming counterboy had the audacity to reprimand my two year old for touching the paper christmas owner on the counter.  Actually snatched it from her hand. If he’d touched her it might have cost him a hand and a few teeth.

I’d like to contact management, but the only number available is for the store. And these charming affiliates of ATT don’t seem to have a website.  Or a grownup working in the store.  And AT&T doesn’t seem to have an actual customer service POC.  Looks like I’ll be finding a way to contact AT&T Vice Presidents.

P.S.  The ATT customer forums ban the words jerk and damn.   Really?